Thursday, May 10, 2012

Road trip day 6

Today we did a lot of driving. From Charlottesville, VA to Dandridge, TN (about 300 miles). 
I didn't photograph a lot, except for a few shots I made from the car, like the one below. It is the welcome sign that meets you when you drive into Bristol. This sign is located on the state line between Bristol, Virginia and twin city Bristol, Tennessee. We were thinking of staying the night in Bristol, but it wasn't the nice little town we had hoped for. Instead we drove another 100 or so miles and now we are staying not even in a town or city really, but in some anonymous motel along the road and in between McDonalds and the Waffle House, haha.

Welcome to Bristol


  1. Bristol needs to change it's sign? "Not the nice little town you hoped for." Like the B&W!

  2. Sounds like a fun roadtrip. Looking forward to more photos!

  3. It is a rather big sign for a welcome. High expectations....

  4. Wow Nellies that was a big days drive today! Have just looked through the past couple of days posts and loving the pics and narrative! PS Terrific news about your deadline too!

  5. oooh, go to the waffle house!! yamyamyam!!

  6. I do that all the time. I"m my own worst enemy.

    For a shot from the car this is a great BW image.

  7. Thats Funny. We have a Bristol here in the UK, i almost thought you took a journey across the pond to visit us.

    Have a happy weekend

    Shaun Valleys ShutterBug

  8. I like the B&W of this sign. But I think a colour shot at night would be good too. Garish, perhaps.

    No matter what CaT says, please avoid the waffle house. Respect your stomach!! I understand what Wayne says here: I often press on hoping for something better, and then have to settle for something far far worse.

    You are having a good road trip, Thelma.

  9. I second CaT, try the Waffle House! Don't try the grits on the menu though, yuk...


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