Monday, May 14, 2012

Road trip day 10

Time flies when you are having fun. Yesterday we arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, home to blues and Elvis Presley ☺. I am enjoying the weather here a lot. After all the rain and chilly weather we have had in our first week it is nice to walk outside in a dress, no jacket, and your flip flops. 
I guess the main attraction in downtown Memphis is Beale Street; lots of bars with live music, souvenir shops, people watching and food, food, food. I am not really into blues, but it still is fun to walk around and listen to all the music. 

This is the shopping window from A. Schwab Dry Goods Store in Beale Street.
I think that the original Dry Goods store is not in business anymore and that it is a restaurant/bar or some sorts now, but they were closed so I couldn't check.

Today we went to Graceland, where Elvis Presley used to live. I always wanted to go here someday. It was very quiet, we had plenty of time and space to walk around and have a good look. I took lots of photos, but they aren't really special (there wasn't much light inside and you weren't allowed to use flash, keeping my camera steady under these conditions turned out to be difficult for me, ha ha, most of the photos aren't really in focus). The one photo that I liked the most was made with my iPhone, right before we left (see below). I am glad I got to see this for myself, it is really a cool place!



  1. Melissa just said she loved Graceland when they were there visiting at Christmas time and is pleased to hear you enjoyed it too. Loved the pics!

  2. Nice memories are coming back. I have once been in Schwab and Graceland, liked it very much.

  3. cool!
    when we were there in december it was very crowded and we felt very rushed.... only halfway through the tour we got to understand that you can stay as long as you want, but we really felt rushed through the house... :( and there was so much to see, but everywhere around me were people with big cameras (including my own, haha).
    how do you like memphis? i thought it was a bit sad. but maybe when its sunny its already a bit better...


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