Friday, May 25, 2012

Road trip day 21

Our first three hours of driving were OK, but then Memorial-Day-Weekend-traffic joined us.... Busy, busy, busy. Accident here, accident there, traffic jam, more traffic jams. Eventually we saw a bunch of motels along the road and we booked ourselves a room for the night. So, here we are in Laurel, Maryland only 200 miles from home, but this way it will be a short drive tomorrow. 

This great truck with cat-eyes stood in front of us in one of the traffic jams, I think this is really cool!


  1. Very cool in b/w

  2. At least a nice car in front of you with tiger eyes looking at you sitting in the traffic jam ! that's something awful !!

  3. I wonder if it's a transparent one so the driver could still look at the glass while driving. Thanks for the message on my postcard blog.

    1. I was wondering the same thing, also wondered if the driver could see me making photos. But by the looks of it it wasn't.

  4. Great photos! It's amazing what is possible.

  5. Nice !
    BTW thanks for your comments on my blog the other day

  6. I laughed when I saw this photo on your blog... very creative!

  7. haha. i have seen such. some have the american flag... haha!
    but stuck in traffic isnt fun...

  8. This made me smile! I would have had to bring out the camera too!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment! Be safe, and enjoy you travels!!

  9. Hi Nellie. Ik heb een hoop gemist van je trip, je was van mijn bloglijst verdwenen. Ik ga alsnog kijken waar je overal geweest bent. Wat een fantastische vakentie zal dat geweest zijn.
    Wat een leuke foto is dit, je schrikt je wel dood als je dit ziet denk ik hihi.
    Goeie reis nog.
    Lieve groet van Riet

  10. Oh my gosh Nellies, this is way better than my RM Williams longhorn on the back of my F250 window!! and I thought IT was the best!!:))


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