Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road trip day 18

We are enjoying the nice weather in Florida at the moment. Nice beaches, sunshine all day long and temperatures in the 80's Fahrenheit (30ÂșC +). Sunday night we slept in a hotel in Pensacola Beach. Yesterday we drove to Panama City Beach and we are staying in a great beach condo right along the Gulf of Mexico. Wikipedia tells me that Panama City Beach's slogan is: "The world's most beautiful beaches" due to the sugar-white sandy beaches. And they are white, I have never seen such white beaches before, it is really beautiful here. Unfortunately we must make our way back to New York in the next few days. That means a lot of driving and no more beaches for us. Ah well, all good comes to an end, right?

Gulf of Mexico
see-through-umbrella next to the swimming pool


  1. Looks very restful and warm. Beautiful blue and blue and blue and.....

  2. that beach looks fantastic! I'd love to be there right now. such beautiful blues.

  3. I remember the white sand, I couldn't believe my eyes, had never seen this before. Nice photos. We have the temperatures here at last but not the beaches that belong to it.

  4. Love the palm tree shot!

  5. Feeling the summer already...


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