Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Road trip day 4

Today was a slow day, but we did one thing and that was visiting a cemetery in Annapolis. The St. Anne's Cemetery. This is an old cemetery and in use since the late 1800's. There were many old headstones, barely readable, but I kind of like that. I was trying to find out some interesting information about some of the names I found on the headstones, but the internet connection in our Super 8 motel is soooo slow I am happy just to be able to post this as is....

We also did a little bit of driving today, we ended up in Front Royal, Virginia. There is nothing much to do here, but it is close to the start of the Skyline Drive and we are planning to drive that one tomorrow.

St. Anne's Cemetery, Annapolis MD


  1. I like your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like you are having fun with your road trip. Those weak Internet connections are agonizing aren't they? Makes you realize you are not as patient of a person you always thought you were.

  3. nice!
    yes, also on holiday its important to visit cemeteries... i like them more and more... :)


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