Sunday, May 6, 2012

Road trip Day 1 & 2.

My husband, Peter, and I are on a road trip. We left New York Saturday, in our rental car, and are on our way to New Orleans, LA. We are taking it slow and only drove for three hours yesterday to stay in Cape May, NJ
Cape May is a lovely little town by the beach, unfortunately it is actually cold at the moment (64 F/18ÂșC) so we settled for the indoor pool. I love to walk around in Cape May, there are many beautiful Victorian houses, great restaurants and this place just gives you a holiday feeling (if only the weather were a little bit better....)
Tonight we stay for another night in Cape May, but tomorrow we will be on the road again!

I have a weakness for rocking chairs and porches,  I can't stop making photos of them 

Victorian houses, these were built in 1869


  1. Nice photos, how lovely to be taking a road trip. Love the way that you've photographed the houses.

  2. That is nice to make a roadtrip. I share your love for porches and rocking chairs, I made many pictures of them. It is like seeing a movie I think.

  3. I'll keep looking for the rest of your photo's on this trip

  4. That is cool!
    Have fun :)


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