Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Road trip day 19

Driving, driving and driving, that's what we did today. From Panama City Beach, Florida to Kingsland in Georgia. I didn't make a single photo today. But I have made a lot of photos in the past weeks, so here's one that I took in Nashville, TN at the former plantation home (The Hermitage) of Andrew Jackson. The Hermitage is now a museum, but once home to former president Andrew Jackson. He owned slaves, who of course worked for him and who also lived on the grounds. You get to see his mansion (most of the interior is still original) the grounds, the family graves, Alfred's cabin (the last remaining slave cabin) etc. It was really a very interesting museum!

This photo is, as I said, from the grounds of the Hermitage, overlooking the (now) empty fields, but once very lucrative cotton fields.

The Hermitage


  1. Nice picture, you can imagine the slaves working on the cottonfields in the heat.

  2. Almost your hand writhing these beautiful coloring.


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