Thursday, May 17, 2012

Road trip day 13

Only a short drive today, about 125 miles. From Clarksdale to Vicksburg, Mississippi.
To be honest we haven't seen much from this city (yet). It is very hot, so instead of exploring we decided to sit outside in the shade on the porch that comes with our room at the Cedar Grove Inn in Vicksburg. We are enjoying the good life.

"Our" porch with garden views and luckily lots of shade

the garden 


  1. Nellies, they look like lovely shady cool spots in which to relax. Love the sepia tones in the photos. Keep enjoying the good life!

  2. wow like this place and sepia color!
    ciao, Luis

  3. Oh, this porch looks very well, only no rocking chair...

  4. Does a 'mint julep' come with a porch like this. I like the feel that the sepia gives to these shots, Nellies.


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